Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jean Michel Basquiat

My blogger buddy Riot kitty reminded me of my hero. Jean Michel Basquiat (pronounced Ba-skee-ot) .
In his short life (1960-1988), Jean-Michel came to personify the art scene of the 80s, with its merging of youth culture, money, hype, excess, and self-destruction. And then there was the work, which the public image tended to overshadow: paintings and drawings that conjured up marginal urban black culture and black history, as well as the artist's own conflicted sense of identity
The picture above is a classic example of his work. Vibrant, raw, and real. He lived what I would consider, despite his untimely demise, the perfect life for an artist. Freedom to express without reprisal. Although Jean Michel was used, and manipulated, he did things his own way. At the height of his popularity He received a ridiculous commission request from Leona Helmsley, A famous New York Real estate Magnate.
He was given $1,000,000 for one piece as yet undone. Her only request was to be able to watch him work on it briefly. Jean Michel took her commission. He set up his studio for her. He catered to her immense wealth, which he loathed. he allowed her to view his work in progress, which consisted of an enormous raw canvas. He made a very bold statement . He simply splashed blue paint on the canvas and commenced to urinate on it. Across its middle he scrawled in bold letters the word PIG That was it, nothing more. he collected his money and Ms. Helmsley owns that piece to this day. It's worth? Curators speculate it would draw $10,000,000 if ever sold. Even by making a slap in the face statement to the "Art World" In the end Jean Michel was simply sold out. Rest in peace my hero!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A partial view of "Wintermint"

Another one of my paintings that I really like is pictured above. This one was really vibrant and had alot going on in it. Wintermint was a filler piece for my Opening. By "filler" I mean that I painted it solely to fill space needed. I Drank half a bottle of wine and 30 minutes later, with the help of my ever present Ipod She was born! I surprised myself with the final product. This is one of the only paintings I have done recently That I did not completely revamp during the process. She was as she was. The woman pictured is a friend of mine named Shannon. She owns a lil watering hole I frequent named Spanky's. The ghost figure is me of course!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When the Desire to create ends.

For so long now I have existed on self depravity. My painting has never been better. Only my family can truly know how it is that I operate. For 3 years I have been stuck in a world of self loathing, self indulgence, self manipulation Denial. Painting is my passion and although it is not my business I consider it to be. Business has been good. My spouse of 9 years, and companion of 15 years had an affair in late 2003-2004. It was more than I could bear. I have a beautiful 7 year old son as a result of this union. I adored this creature with all the love my heart could ever muster. In all those years I was a different person. I was a businessman with lofty goals and plans. I loved my son and my wife and they loved me.

Something happened in the end years as we drifted apart. The answer to that question is not one that I have not been able to answer even up to today. So the chapter of gloomy days begin. Out of these dank and depressive days came a thunder of absolute beauty. Can something so ugly beget beauty? For a month or so you have seen what my anger and fury bore. Nothing has been so all encompassing as the angst that I have slung onto defenseless canvases. Never once in our relationship did we ever go to blows and now as those canvases laid before me I hit swung with ineptitude or cause for damage. it was as though the canvases represented her. I dare not say her name although it is emblazoned forever beneath my skin never to disappear until such time that I deem. In trances of chaos and fury beauty like a phoenix arose. Sometimes I would finish a piece and be in a state of utter exhaustion.

I have had numerous compliments on these pieces, selling many. No one really knows what they meant to me. They are my anger, my hate, my spite, my abandon. How many more are buried inside is any one's guess. I can tell you all this. I read all of your blogs, I appreciate them all. I wanted to give insight into those pieces as they are analyzed. Will there be more? I am in a good place now. my need to abuse canvas has for now anyway run its blistering course. Who knows what happiness brings. But the painting above is a bit more cheerful and might reflect an new chapter in my work. I share these thoughts with you today not to expose myself, but to close a chapter that should have been closed long ago.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

To PDA or not to PDA?

This was another picture from my opening. I like the vibrance of the colors in this one. The photo is transposed on the canvas. I took the photo.
So bloggers, you all did quite well on the most embarrassing restaurant question so here is another for you.
What are your opinions on Public displays of affection? The reason I ask is because I witnessed a rather lewd act about a week ago. I thought it was a bit much. Ummmm and I turned away really quickly? lol. Give Me your thoughts and maybe a funny personal experience as well.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


"C" Newest abstract 42x36 acrylic on Gallery wraped Canvas

Standing amidst the scorching sun one tends to get burned. Frigid waters abound in unfamiliar territory. Ideas thrown to the wind may as well not exist. Calm resolute stands between invention and chaos. To be content is to be unfulfilled.

All of these ideas are paradoxes in and of themselves. What are your thoughts and Ideas. Its Q&A time here in Blog land. Ask and it shall be answered!
Question 1. Most embarrassing restaurant moment?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

He's small but mighty!

You can see the colors more vividly in this one!

I love this painting!

This painting is one of my most powerful pieces. I gave it to a friend of mine. I am pleased it is where I can see it from time to time. There was significance behind this piece. Tell me your thoughts?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To make up or mot to make up: That is really the question!

OK all you blogger gals out there I have a question for you. make up versus "Au Natural"? over the course of the last few days I have made a very curious observation of myself. I prefer women without makeup. Now I know that the makeup business is a multi billion dollar industry, but I have seen a few examples over doing it. How much is too much? C,Mon ladies lets hear your thoughts!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This painting means the world to me. I wish you could see it in its reality. It's textured and alive in its' being. Its' name is "Atonement" It hangs in the living room of a dear friend of mine. I owe my Art life to her , and I hope this is adequate payment! What do you see? My interpretation will follow.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

OK so I admit it! I am a blog-aholic. The first step is to admit it I suppose. The accompanying image is a postcard invitation produced to promote my first "opening". The second photo was taken on my opening night. It is a few friends in front of what they called "The painting". I have to say it was one of the most gratifying evenings outside the birth of my son. I am the first to admit that I am not a talented artist. As a matter of fact, I feel I have a lifetime of learning to do in this area

I have a friend in Dallas Texas that I have known my whole life. She is the type of woman that people gravitate to. Her personality has never changed. She is a freelance media technician. Her profession carries her all over the states, and beyond. She was in town around Christmas and invited me to a Xmas party. It was at that party that my friend introduced me to another young lady that was plugged into the art scene here in town. Voila!

The night of my opening was magical. I sold many pieces that evening. I had not expected to sell even one! I continue to get calls pretty regularly. Slowly but surely my inventory of paintings 25 in total has dwindled. So its almost time to get back to the canvas. I always get excited when it comes to painting. I plan on doing a step by step blog piece on the creation of a new work of art. Lets have fun!

Friday, June 6, 2008

More Photography

Simplicity is sometimes the greatest subject matter there is. This was a very difficult shot to set up lighting wise. I just adore the end result. This is one of my favorite photographs.
Imagery can mean so many different things to individuals. To me this signified my reluctance to open the shades to a new beginning. Notice how bright the light shines from behind. It calls to be seen. It remains shut out.
What does it mean to you? Tell me I would love to know.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My lil Tree Hugger

This is my lil Tree Hugger. Isn't he gorgeous? No doubt he inherited this from his dashingly handsome father! lol J/K. At 7 years of age he could not make me more proud. He received recognition by earning his place on the A-A/B honor roll every 6 weeks period this year! Way to go son! He was diagnosed with PDD (pervasive developmental disorder) when he was 4. PDD is a form of autism. He has proven his physician wrong and risen to the challenges of elementary school.
His First year was spent in Special Education courses. This year he was completely on his own. Boy did he hit a home run! His intelligence is amazing. Rather than pine for the latest "it" toys, he prefers to scour the net in search of children's sites associated with meteorology. Every night at 9 o'clock sharp he announces the days weather with the local forecasters.
He knows all about hurricanes, Tornadoes, and the like. I actually watched him log into the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) one afternoon. I was amazed as he looked through graphs, charts, and weather simulators. I didn't even know the site existed. It is not designed for kiddo's as you might be wondering. Yet, he navigated through it as though he himself was a meteorologist. As you can probably guess he wants to be a meteorologist when he grows up.
As for his political affiliation? He is as yet undecided between Barack Obama, and Thomas the Tank Engine! I might need to give him a year or so on that one!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is Photography Art?

This was a question posed out there in blog-land. I certainly think it is. I set this shot up in protest to our current gas situation. So you tell me?

Fruitful castings aside for now

Here is another piece from my last opening. Its' tilted "despair". I was asked many questions about this particular piece that night. The most common was "Were you depressed?" I have to admit I was chuckling inside. I will give all of you a little insight into my painting style. My Sister knows this of me. When I feel like creating a piece I start and I do not stop until I am done. I Don't take days, weeks, or months to create a final piece. For me I just do it and it usually comes out fast and furious. One of my favorite artists worked in this exact manner. His name was Jean Michel Basquiat.

I have had friends that wanted to actually watch me paint. I welcomed it. (they were all female so it was pretty cool) Oh and i never paint with brushes. I use credit cards, sponges, and screwdrivers. This piece is a touching one to me and changed many times over the course of painting it. I thought the final outcome was good. I am my own toughest critic. But boy do I love to paint.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I had fun doing this one

Ok, at the behest of a fellow blogger I will be posting more of my work. This
piece is titled "Honesty" It is a 36x36 Gallery wrapped canvas & acrylic. It was sold at my last opening on February 20th. I really enjoyed doing this one. It was a departure from my usual color schemes. If you look closely you can see a blue heart towards the top middle portion.
I would love your input out there in blog land!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tag I am It!

Dammit! I got tagged from my sis Chatti Patti! I'm only doing it because I love her!
What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was battling a very rare form of intestinal cancer called Leiomyosarcoma; I was in and out of a few major surgeries. I was happily married. I was completely bald from chemotherapy at one point. I was alive!

Five snacks I enjoy:
Snickers bars. Fire hot Cheetos. Beef Jerky. Sour worms. Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks.

Five things on my to-do list today:
Go to hospital to stay with mom. Finish patio for my dad. Eat my sister’s wonderful meal! Do laundry! Go to Spanky’s.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
I'd build 8 houses around a lake where my entire family could live. I'd have private nurses to help care for my mother and a chef that would cook for all of us. I'd donate a good portion to the MS Society. I'd help dying MS patients and their families. Put away 300 million for my Son John Camron.

Five jobs I've had:
Long John Silvers in high school. I worked on the flight deck of the USS JFK (CV67) United States Navy. Telecommunications tech. Clinical research Coordinator. New Home Sales Agent.

.Five Bad Habits:
My messy hair. I am hyperactive. Leaving my shoes everywhere. Picking on my sister Patti. Allowing my son to get away with murder!

5 places I have lived:
Corpus Christi, Texas, Lake Charles, Louisiana, San Antonio, Texas, Virginia Beach Virginia. Manhattan New York.

5 Random things:
Buying hot dogs from street corner vendors. My Dad is the best man I know. My mom is the bravest person on earth! Dogs tend to do it in public too much. Spraying warm water on said dogs is an easy remedy for overactive hormones.

Who I want to torture and TAG?

I am too new here and everyone I know of has already been tagged!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

To Ignore or not to Ignore? That is the question!

The other day I was reading an article about the differences between men and women. To my surprise I found that after 41 years I had it all wrong! Apparently women out there today are consumed by men that "ignore" them. Now I will admit that I have employed the "ignore” thing once or twice in my life, and yes it seemed to work.

Ladies help me out here. Give me a show of hands. Who out there loves to be ignored?? I can't recall a time that this strategy has worked for me on a first encounter either, but apparently statistics show it does. I would just as soon drink a margarita "with" someone rather than without. Your thoughts are appreciated.