Saturday, May 31, 2008


Blue scattered paint was lying around and I felt like putting some emotion on the canvas. "Truth" came out that night, and to most it represented something beautiful. To me it represented something entirely different. Having been through a rough separation/divorce I guess it was something altogether different for me. Has that ever happened to any one? This painting sold for a nice piece of change. I wish I could have bought it, as it was my favorite to date.

6th Ave. was a mighty hot street

So carrying a load of laundry through a busy and bustling subway station might seem to be difficult. Or so it would seem.... Streaming through memories of New York City always awakens my inner sanctum. Cold brisk winter mornings whilst smoking a cigarette, A king upon the stoop, or so I thought, a man among many in a city that was as alive as any human ever could be. Memories........ The wonderful smell of roasted almonds crinkling loudly in their blankets of coarse brown paper... Snow that wasn't like any snow I had ever seen in books or movies. This snow was more like slush, and had a grey tint to it. Springtime in the city was unlike any springtime I could remember. George Washington Square Park was alive with performers of all sorts. Fire here, Skates there, Dancers dancing, ladies prancing.

I spent so much time in the city with a young Italian woman I will call "Cesca". we would have so many adventures some were trivial, some significant. I remember the time she and I walked along the Avenue of the America's otherwise known as 6th Ave. She was wearing Doc Martin boots. I bought a small canvas. It was of the type that was thin and rigid . Buying some paint on the street was easy enough. All that was left was to paint. I was smitten just by the sight of "Cesca", and now I had to plan a spontaneous activity? What to do? I can answer that by saying this: Cesca grabbed the paint tubes from my bag and squirted them all over a patch of 6th Avenue. She calmly placed her size 6 Doc Martin boot in a puddle of intoxicating color. I have to say it was a very provocative thing for her to do in my presence. She looked over to me and in her sassy manner directed me to drop the canvas at her feet. I did. She left a beautiful multi-colored, and chaotic, imprint of her boot on the face of the canvas. I kept that impromptu piece of artwork for many years. Where it is today is any ones guess. Springtime in New York.................

Photography makes for nice Hot Rods

Well guys and gals, I would like to welcome you to my blog page. My sister has a great blog here. Thus she has inspired me to jot down my day to day interests and thoughts. I hope you enjoy!
I am an artist and love to dabble in photography. My first post is a compelling photo I took about 4 months ago. I was driving around San Antonio aimlessly. To back up a little bit you must know that when I get in a creative state of mind I get a bit spontaneous. Never really knowing where I might end up. So ...back to my drive. I had noticed a few nice spots to shoot a few pics at. The usual suspects IE; alleyways, busy street corners etc... You get the picture. I was getting frustrated, as everywhere I turned there seemed to be a "classic" black and white" photo op scenario.

I was in downtown San Antonio at the time. I sat down and had a cup of java, I love my java! I decided to hit the "burbs". Coasting down the freeway my mind began to click and zing. I began thinking about the state of our country and how sometimes all is not what it seems, or appears to be. Voila! a subject, a theme! Finding the ever elusive subject matter was the task at hand. A stop at Jack in the box did not bear any fruit.

I Sell New homes here in San Antonio and am always around construction, so it seemed natural to look in areas I knew that activity was taking place. I came upon a bridge that I have always been fond of aesthetically, and noticed that underneath it there was a wildly growing area of trees and vegetation. Now I am the first to admit that the bridge in and of itself was a motif that has been captured a billion times, but what I found underneath it made me jump for artistic joy. As you can see there are numerous elements that make this photo pretty interesting.
I would love your thoughts! Tell me what you see. I named this photo "Urban Decay" I used it in an extremely large painting I did. I will accompany the photo with its final destination on canvas for you to view. I hope to get feedback from all of those folks in blog land! Below is the final destination for my photo. I blew it up and performed an acetone transfer onto a 72x60 gallery wrapped canvas. The paints used are acrylics