Sunday, May 29, 2011


I look I see I am. How is it that what I see is not seen? How is it that what I feel is not felt? Such is life in the rut sometimes. Grinding each day down as it comes. Fantasizing about the ever elusive fantasia. In the depths of my mind my fantasia may be quite different in body and constitution from others same rendition. Simple is my wonderland......A land filled with you. "You", can mean many things and people even. As for me, my "you" is...... simply you. Twisting and turning trying to get the you I see to see yourself is not an easy task. Nothing in life is ever easy now is it? Vivid thoughts of candy cane lanes and gold paved paths swirl through my mind, and I see reverence. I see Beauty, I see you. You don't quite see the same. Shame really as the you I see is just like me. Similar in many ways different in others. I have written many pieces of prose on this very subject.....The subject of self loathing and doubt, and fear. I have been there and back. You say I always see a silver lining and I may just do that very thing. The price paid to reach this land of fantasia was high indeed. Paid for by misery and greed. quite possibly not my own in it's own true sense, but never ending in it's thirst for self worth. What will become of my fantasia? Only time will tell the tale. Until then I grind each day as the last, and at the end of each day I will think of you......... my lonely past.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Transparency in a Twilight world. One filled with endless dawns. Brisk waves cleanse and purge the souls fears and desires all in one broad pass.
Eyes piercing as the sun itself. Lost in a cool breeze floating high above the mist in a cauldron of wonderment. Each and every glimpse precious as gold and never long enough.
famished is the urge for another glance. Thirsty in a desert filled with mirages.

Longing for the tide this twilight night.

Under the star speckled heavens my imagination takes me to a place known only to myself.

Gazing up to a statuesque shadow. Not knowing whats real at all. Bliss in my own imagination.

Sliding down a slope lined with cascading waves of pristine crystal clear waters shallow yet deep as the darkest oceans.

Twilight tonight.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Under the Tahitian moon

The Moon, The Stars, The planets.
Dancing in the summer sky tonight.
Breathing life into the night sky, I wonder.....
Can you see the same scene as I?
Is the moon as bright in your night sky?

Brightly colored kites flying high.
High so high in the night sky.
On a beach.....
This night, Two shadows cross, If only in my mind.

A sparkle , and a smile.
A giggle, and a sigh....
High in the night sky the moon dances ....
You in its light.

Of the night sky and a bright moon...
Two shadows passing in the dark...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


What is Playne?....Well Yes! I spelled it wrong, but please do not misjudge....Playne is never Playne.......Plain is simply in the eye of the beholder. The regular everyday Plain-isms that exist are too many and oh so common to list here. I had a friend today tell me she was plain...How funny I find it that although she looks in the mirror everyday she see's not what I see. You see she is quite frankly the most sublime creature alive. She is and yet she see's not. How can this be? Freud said we rarely take notice that which is right in front of our noses. So we take Sigmund
words and we twist them to our liking and tonight I write...I write about that which is seemingly unknown. Unknown but Lurking a talent my friend knows well. The consumate Lurker. Let's delve into the depth's of beauty. You and I tonight into the maledict and misunderstood slippery beauty that is unknown to you and so inherently apparent in my mind. So let plain in and let plain behold all the worl shall be plain....Let it rain plain...Given the choice between Barbie or Plain I choose PLAIN! Sometimes that which you refuse to see is simply what the world see's and every now and again I wish you could see what I consider Plain.....

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Art is a message . Art is a scent in the wind. Art is beauty, and beauty is everywhere. You see it in the crowds of people that walk the busy city streets. You see it in the cafe's. It is ever-present around u and always elusive. The hardest Beauty of all is the beauty you see every day. Tucked away neatly in a mirror. Staring at yourself is beauty to behold, or so we are told. Rarely do we see what others do in ourselves. Rarely do we notice the small and insignificant subtleties that define who we really are. I am a beauty barometer. I seek to find the beauty that you yourself cannot see. All the worlds a stage a grand stage that is set up to please the crowds. I modified an absolutely beautiful photo that was given me. It has the patina of the so's when things were lavish, rich with history and glamor. The roaring 20's they were known. Something about that era has always appealed to me.

Open Gateways into the past My mind carries me flying with the wind. Back to a time when prosperity abounded. Back to a time when honor was king and honesty was queen! Where has the past gone? Sometimes rarely you catch a glimpse of it. Gaze into the youth of today and sometimes you can see the past!

Beauty abounds this evening........Sit back, relax....sleep sweet....and Dream!