Monday, July 20, 2009

Dating in the Dark

So I just finished watching the new ABC series "Dating in the Dark". I am hooked! I love this concept and I hate it at the same time. I wish I had the forethought to produce it as I feel as a member of the dating world that I could buy into this experiment. Or not...Many times over have I anticipated an arranged meeting and felt like rejection was around the corner. To my fascination more times than not it went well, or sooooo I thought... Am I a hulk? no....Am I a hunk? noooo...Well maybe a lil but to the slurry that is cast before me maybe not! i am interesting and fun and jovial, and well I am the patchwork of Americana that Americana has made me. Am I a catch? Yes I am a catch, because I appreciate and nurture the inner thoughts of all that is feminine. Or so I thought. This lil program changed my views. Are all women looking for Brad Fucking Pitt? Are they secretly meeting and longing for Armand Fucking Assante? I don't know you tell me? I can jog 1 mile and paint a pretty picture of life's meaning and yet I haven't the first clue as to what drives the female Psyche. Or do I? A mixed up puzzle you all are and we adore or try to and what do we get? A slammed door in a dark room without respite for as the program indicates looks drive the wagon. Or do they? I am not bad looking by any means and yet I feel this might be the case. Or is it? I am pissed because this experiment has gone array, and Well Fuck it lets have an experiment of own shall we? Let me know blogger's can we dance? Can we experiment? I will be waiting for your answers!,,,,,,,,,,And Comments!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Such a fallacy of notions

Poetic are tongues that never for whatever reasons speak: Yes I feel poetic justice around me tonight. Long lived is the fallacy of truth in all of us....Yet we scamper and grasp at the unknown....Poetry lives in each and every one us, and sometimes it consumes each and every one of us....Still I search and dig in the world that once I owned. But not today.... Illusions of gradier abound and yet still we all play this glorious game called life...

Shall we see the end? to this bold and vibrant world that steals, and pulls at every direction the threads of being? I wish for once I could remedy my blistered soul to see that I am truly a being of faith. Faith comes with consequences and it binds and tears at all that I wish were real. Like the dust we all are truly insignificant pieces of a grand puzzle that we will never solve....

So tonight lets glince at the world and flirt with her for she is is something out of pure fallacy....cold and treacherous...Walk softly, and yet our steps are heavy...within ourselves our steps are heavy.....

Dreams are just that, they are our longing, longing to do and say and to do and to say for the truth to seep within chasm's of strangers turning into dust.............

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mazzy Star

I recall the very first time I heard her voice. Angelic really. Unlike any other I heard before or since. Tonight I was just relaxing and threw on some of my favorite mellow music, and lo and behold this treasure just jumped out! I loved Mazzy Star.....Hope Sandoval, the singer with the angelic voice is 1 year older than I am. I remember when I first heard this song I didn't really know what to make of it.....Was it Country......Was it blues......was it alternative.......It has a dark soothing appeal to it. It just makes you sway.
I could listen to "fade into you" over and over, and have at times........A great glass of wine and Mazzy Star, now that's a beautiful evening! Anyone wanna join me?
Groups like this do not exist any longer, the world will not sit still long enough to produce such slow brewed concoctions of beauty. We are all too consumed in our digital worlds. each diode marking a chapter of our electronic self.
There is a glorious new Moon out tonight. It is burnt orange in color and completely full. All of you out there can see the exact same moon as I, The real question is did you even notice that it was there? That's the question we need to ask ourselves........Beauty abounds around us and yet do we see? I know I do.....I tend to notice the small things, or in this case a very large thing that most people fail to notice..... I sat outside tonight and stared at that beautiful moon, Mazzy Star running through my head....... Life is good, life is precious....Life is beauty, and I am pleased......

Monday, July 6, 2009

And so comes the rain!

Ahhh! The smell of it, I can see it...It's rain... Rain here in South Texas is as rare as the Hope Diamond and yet I can smell it....It's coming! Time to meditate in a dreamland of fun and frolic! 4th of July has come and gone and as my sister put it so eloquently....We made memories! We went to the Schertz 4th Jubilee with my niece, her sister in law, Pat and my son and I. My little man had such a wonderful day! His Dad had a great day too! Food rides and music....Not my type of music but music none the less, We had fun! Fun in life is what you make it, and life is tough at best right now. It was an oasis day outside the daily grind.
And so the rain comes to wash away all the muck.....I want to embark on a life transition into a new dawn of artistic expression. I am going to become a stylist...In every sense of the word. I am going to go to school to become a cosmetologist.....A free-er form of expression than real estate. Real Estate has been good to me, but it is so constricting......I need freedom! Freedom I shall have! Now I know what most think but not to worry I am deeply heterosexual. In this new endeavour I get the three things In life that I love the most. Artistic Creativity......Music.....Women.....
I plan to open a brutally hip and treacherous Salon. I have the name and envision the Image itself in my brain. I will not be stopped. I plan to use my strong points to be the best there is. I will attain it.......So the rain comes and washes away the old......On to a new dawn!
P.S I took the photo here of a friend of mine kelly. We have a photoshoot later this week. I liked the outcome. This was 1 of a series of 40 Shots I took of her