Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Caught in the middle

Left to right.......Tonight I ask for strength...why fight.

Caught in the middle with nowhere to run.....

Seeing no end......From the middle I come.

Treachery to witness to sit and stare at the calamity that surrounds me out there.

Caught in the middle without a chance to move.

Such a young age to have to anchor this mess...

Awaiting the end of it I watch life's clock....

I'm supposed to be the kid.......not the rock.

p.s It's alway's darkest before the dawn.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I just want something I can never have. Chasing happiness in life is a sad tale, one I tell over, and over in my bruised and battered mind. I fight....I fight...but to whom? In it's plain sense of reality I only fight myself. Something within that bites, tugs and draws me into it's nothingness.. Satisfaction denied with the click of a furious touch of a fingertip. Digitized my soul has become and in itself it's lost. So beautiful am I to me, and me alone.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


So this is my life. The time to rise as a yeast infested concoction of heavenly chemistry rises to become a glorious pan of bread. For oh too long now I have traveled the path of least resistance. Traveled third class in a life that dealt me a bad hand. Or did it? Reflecting back a ceremonious twisted and depraved road has led me to this. It has truly led me to you. Without reservation I say this. You are my oxygen. You have awakened a sleeping giant. Many will scoff and laugh as they do and in the end? It will matter not. My dream will happen and nothing will stand in it’s way. Like a rusty and beaten steamroller I will trounce on a destiny that has lain low in it’s own secrecy. It is you. you know who you are. I am a butterfly indeed.....I feel more alive at this moment than ever I have felt before. It is as if something has plugged me into a live wire of insurmountable voltage. My mind roams free in ways I haven’t known in ages. A sleepy bear is awakening from a hibernation of hell. Join me in my feast as I fight for my dream! My dream is you, only you, you know who you are.