Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Green shining Emeralds. Regal in every way. Deep green pools of substance unknown.
Diving deeper and seeking the source of deep green emerald oceans.

Wrapped up In rapture as only I at this point can feel. If the end draws near I wish to forever swim in deep green pools, The pristine volumes that are your eyes.

Coby Olivarez

Monday, September 27, 2010


It's been many moons since my last post. Over the course of the last three months many evolutions of life have occurred for me. Deconstruction of years of angst hurt and turmoil was instantaneous. Over many years as you all know I have traveled a lonely highway of darkness seeking light and never finding it. I can assure you all now that I bathe in it. Bask in it even. Sleepless nights that used to signal frenzied frustration have now morphed into quiet conversations, and butterflies in my stomach. Yes I have butterflies even as I type this. It's anticipation of the most beautiful voice ever have I heard.

I know the time is near that I am bestowed the frenzy of excitement that is my souls only calling. "The one". My.... "Lisa Loeb". Those of you out there that know me know about my Lisa Loeb theory. For me Lisa Loeb represented the ever elusive "One". Always in search, and yet never coming close to finding My Lisa Loeb.

The photo above is my Lisa Loeb, the One. I will leave her name anonymous, but I am enormously Happy with who she is and what she is. Quite frankly a perfect individual in every way. Below is a piece of prose written for her by me. She of course has read it and there are many many others, and with her gracious blessing I will share them daily here. Quite different in nature from anything before them I hope you enjoy them.

My Lisa Loeb knows what the first one means obviously, but I would love your interpretations my blogger family. To My Lisa Loeb I say thank you for making every day something to look forward to. Always remember this as I say it often......DREAM!

The Little Yellow Box

The fateful day I saw a little yellow box is a day from this day forward I will never forget. Boxes can mean and carry many different things. Boxes for shoes, boxes for shirts. Boxes for things we wish to keep but never see or touch again. We store our hopes, dreams, memories, and keepsakes in boxes of all shapes and sizes. Insignificant in stature, plain in every way boxes are the building blocks of our lives. We live in boxes, we eat from boxes, we watch television through boxes. As many boxes cross our lives each and every day, the day your little yellow box crossed mine will be a day I never forget. From that day on that little yellow box has made each and every day of my life hopeful. Hopeful that one day I can travel to you in another type of box and realize a dream I have, the dream of sharing my heart, mind and soul with what I feel is the most beautiful box of them all......It's you! All wrapped up in a sublime lil box that enchants my inner being. every day I fall deeper and deeper into the wonderment that is you. You invade every minute of every hour of everyday that I spend on the biggest box of them all. Whether you ever feel the same for me or not I will always cherish the day that you came to me in a little yellow box.