Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is it possible to find old aquaintances?

Alot has been happening here in San Antonio Texas. The Housing market is booming. I am soo damn busy at work it makes my head spin. The company I sell for sales are up 34%! My painting is going well. I want to schedule a show in next three months.

So I am sitting in my computer room one night, and I notice my yahoo mail box has over 1000 emails in it. Ever had that happen? Everything from viagra to marriage proposals from the Ukrain. I am wildly popular in the Ukrain! Normally I would just begin deleting everything in bulk without paying attention to whats there. Ever do that? For some odd reason this night I decided to painstakingly go through each one 25 at a time before deleting. Let me preface this by saying that I signed up on FACEBOOK at a friend here in San Antonio's request. I am an avid Myspacer, so Facebook is just plain ole boring to me. I NEVER go on or use it ever. I had been searching for a friend in New York whom I have written about here on my blog. I called her "Cesca". Her name is Francesca Dibiasi. I had searched far and wide for many years.

So here I am deleting and scanning like mad one night, when out of the blue in the middle of at least 1000 emails pops up this: "Francesa Dibiasi has accepted you as a friend on Facebook". What???? Who???? When??? What the??? The thing about facebook as anyone who uses it knows is you cannot view a members profile without first becoming their friend first. I had searched her once about a year ago on facebook and found 2 entries. Neither had a profile pic. Only that these 2 Francesca's lived in Manhattan. So I friend requested both. So i forgot about it as is usual with me. All of a sudden I was clicking away accepting her as a friend as well and furiously logging in to a dormant account that I had not visited in a year. I clicked her now accessible profile knowing that it wouldn't be my special friend, the person that taught me most of what I know about the modern world.

When her picture popped up I knew instantly it was her. 20 years later and there she was. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was her. the picture above was taken atop her brownstone about a year ago. She hasn't changed. We have video conference'd since, so I can vouch that it is a current picture. I was and am still amazed. Life is strange to say the least. Tell me about your re-connections?

Hello all I am Back!

Hiya bloggers! It's been quite a while since my last post. I am doing well, and starting up painting again. This is a virginal piece I am currently working on. Hope to hear from all my blogging friends soon!