Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back on the Attack!

So my mighty blogger friends! I have been absent for a bit......Back to the scrappy indignant angst that makes my lil world go round and round! First off: What the fuck happened to our economy? Where has it gone? I for one still buy beer and wine and porno mags so where is everyone else? Ha ha! I was just kiddin about buying wine and beer! lol. I was reading the latest gossip today about John and kate plus eight.......Who really gives a shit? Has our society come to this evil end? I can now be reached by the entire universe via blackberry.......I want to stay safe and warm in my own solitude! however should you wish I can be reached via the internet, and text, and cell, and myspace, and facebook, and roaming aimlessly on the public transit system just to get a feel for the downtrodden.

I was buying a pack of smokes yesterday and a guy asked me for a dollar. I thought about it and, I have to say I really wanted my dollar. I needed my dollar. I looked at him and I felt obligated to part with my George Washington......Then he got all pissy with me about how he was in a pickle with the IRS and his home was up for auction. I thought WTF? Here I am wanting to be nice and he throws some stupid line on me. Well What did I do? Yupz You guessed it I gave him the damn dollar. Just so happens That I picked up a website contract wednesday morning, so I said WTF.....I saw him ask another guy for a buck, and he did'nt get that one.....I wonder if I should panhandle, and tell people I need plastic surgery. It might be worth filming and all.

I will accept paypal donations for this endevour and donate all the proceeds to Spanky's.....What is Spanky's you ask? Well We call it Spanks.....Its a cool lil dive bar that I hang out at. Heavy Karaoke and tatoo's.......My kinda joint! I want to paint again soon, but i am feeling uninspired. I wish Godzilla would just like fight the Mothra already! I have been helping my dad take care of my mom for a full week now as we lost her caregiver.....I am getting a lil stir Crazy, but my mom is loads of fun.....She is quite the joker. I havent smoke so many cigarrettes though. It's her only vice so who am I not to join her as she smokes? My sis is comming tommorrow to help out so I will get to get out for a second or two, or three.

I have an all access pass to a group named Riot next Wednesday. My friend Donnie Van Stavern plays bass in Riot. Yes Riot was a huge heavy rock band in the 80's but they also did metal in the 90's and they are on a reunion tour. Worldwide tour. Just so happens that i drink tequilla with Donnie Weekly. So I get to be a somebody for a night. We plan to have some damn messed up fun......Groupies beware!

I have been addicted to facebook lately. I can now join groups like: We like pizza......I play great Applications like:....What kind of jewelry would I be if I was in Sri Lanka? Yes I have fun continually! I have re-connected with a whole lotta people that didn't give a fuck about me back in tha day! So hey It's all good in tha hood! I have forged some great friendships as well!

As for the recent controversy surrounding American Idol? I feel that the true artist won that one......Adam was a bit dramatical for my taste. I personally like the Ruben Studdards of the world. LOL.....Oh and Clay Aiken rocked man.....He rocked! I am amazed that America wakes up everyday and tunes in and technically drops out.....We are like sheep.......Bahhing our way through life without the least bit of concern.......Oh but wait I have a message on FaceBook! Oh and I got a tweet from Ashton.......Damn I get it!

I am currently being followed by 863 Christian groups on Twitter. They all want me to be saved. I didnt know I was lost? Maybe I am.......Damn Spanks was good last week....Oh shit maybe I do need to be saved?

I am currently listening to Public Enemy like right now.....So I am feeling Millitant.....I am wearing my Millitant clothes Right now........

I am spending quite a bit of time with my son lately.....He is growing up sooooo fast! We are having a great time as he grows......His mother is pleased.....I took him to the barber on Wednesday.......He was a straight up lil man! I was very proud of him....Why you ask? he finally got to get his hair cut the way he wanted! I had no imput into it. I let him do as he saw fit. I still paid for it.........It came out great......

I don't think I have ever posted a post like this before.....But what the hell its my life and I can write if want to???? lol....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cryptic messages do abound!

The old wound to all of us... it has a different meaning and patina. It could be so simple as a comrade that turns on us....It could mean a persons glance in the hopes to catch an eye...It could mean so many different things..... We all travel a path unknown to us, if only we could proceed time by a mere few seconds what wisdom we would have?....If only we had that intimate information to alter our course? What a concept? The paths we walk are all different and yet by our own human hands, or feet for that matter, we make them the same. Writing is an expressive art form. One I was urged by my beautiful sister Patti to explore. Allot of times she shows amazement as to the being that creates these posts. Tonight I write for you, and for me... I simply write. I had a conversation this evening with a person I consider a confidant. I asked her a simple question and put her in a corner of sorts. I asked her to write her thoughts on me in 100 words or less. Here it is:

" My friend, Cobes.... is a special, and unique person. If he crosses your path, call yourself blessed. and do not ever expect him to give you what you see. he has his own mind, and his own perception of this world. when in the company of Mr. Olivarez you will never be bored and he will surprise you with his intense insight to life and love..... the most brilliant dialectic you will ever know. He is a poet in his own right, with a deep, and spiritual heart. Freedom of expression and free to live life. So full of life and optimism even with the trials and tribulations... now that is beautiful !! "

As I read these words, I became choked up because I never really know how others see, or view me... I always have a picture of people not being able to see past the doom and gloom and really....really see what is there. Happiness and thankfulness. That is what I am.. Thankful that I am alive...Thankful that I have a strong family...Thankfull...just plain ole thankful. Thank you my friend for seeing in me all that I want all of you to see...... Oh and by the way! Thank you Patti, my beautiful middle sister, because you and I share a bond that can never be broken.... We share Love! For yoU this evening my dear sister I Play this song, as i know its's among your favorites. Always remember "Home Sweet Home" !

Monday, May 4, 2009

I laugh, I learn!

Spurting out words of Cataclysm's is easy for me so I give you the words of "The Spurned"

Deft: Deftly we try to escape the ties that bind us to treachery

Skill: Skillfully we maneuver around life's obstacles like keystone cops

Want: We all want what we cannot have.

Needs: Do we really need all we have?

Lust: We lust for that which we do not dare.

Craft: Craftily we all seek that which eludes us

Gain: Can we ever gain or dare to attain life's lofty goals set before us? ( I say yes!)

Money: Is there ever enough? or the lack there of?

Ambition: Tutelage on this subject has taught me that we can never have enough of it!

Correlation: we never see eye to eye.

Diction: Can you speak on my level?

Sarcasm: Refer to the quote above! lol

Honesty: Can one ever be honest with themselves?

Truism: Jeopardy is fun.

Angst: Do I or do I not hate the world?

Personality: To have, or have not.

Inquisitive: My credit card is maxed therefore I cannot look you up on!

Comical: I see myself everyday therefore do I need a definition?

Hope: There is open interpretation to this one isn't there?

Longing: We all yearn for the untouchable in the end.