Friday, August 28, 2009

Song of the Irish

I sit before my keyboard, and I have emotions for you, for me, for all of us...An era has come to pass....A Man's life stands before us this evening, and we, or I should clarify I, feel his life was worth mine. Senator Edward M. Kennedy...I was named after his brother Jack...I was called Jackie when I was young enough not to remember, although the fabric of the Kennedy's was ingrained in me from a very young age. They were fighters they fought for us when we didn't know what fighting was. I can honestly sit before you tonight and glince at the trials that this family have fought for you and I as though we were their own. The last of a brotherhood of empathy have exited our world, and I pray that their fight will continue....Sail softly mariner for the whole world will resound your accomplishments this evening......Sail into the salts sweat as only a mariner can understand. The sea holds a man's fare as no other can behold! Sail into the unknown as any sailor would with courage!..........Looking into dark clouds and always know that a nation that saw, and understood that you, my friend protected us as men....Without reservation of class, or upbringing...Teddy you fought the hard fight. I admire and wish to follow in your hearty mariners spirit........God Bless you my brother! Rest in peace Teddy....Sail away!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Begining of the end......

In control.....yes I am in control...or am I? Yes I am... I am in a mood I want to move, and go I shall... I am on the move.... The picture here was shot by me and,I am in complete control of what I do not know, and that's a good thing...I want to branch out..........I need a change of scenery...I need to move to where I have no Idea, but a go is a must........Circa 2005 I sit in a beautifully furnished and ravishingly accommodated Town Home here in good ole Sa Texas., No one here loves hardwood floors like me, why is that?

So yes my place was the place to be .....Ya right...But yes it was...Art decked the walls with balls of holly and Santa was scared......Strewn with all the world had to offer and life was good or so I thought.......In and out they came and they fed.....They bled upon the alter of decadence.....And we danced we played hard like we were....I painted like a furious hound back then...I painted for the masses.....They watched , They stared, they glared....I was king, I was god...I was the ultimate plaything for those with money and influence here... here we are and where are they? Oh no they are long gone and I am a hellion with a purpose now. I hate what we were and what they think they still are................A bullshit community of feeders...........And here I am....Angry and ready to feed the world my menu of shit!......For too many years I have held back and now is the time to rise....Be the Artist I AM! I AM! Not for words ,but these hands that have never failed me....You have never failed me.....Don't fail me now.....They look like yours,but they are angry and mad at the world and they have a way of digging in.......Don't fail me now.......Fuck Bernie Madoff....Stinking thief! Hands don't fail me now......I will paint and sell I will if it kills me I will sell......Many have succeeded before me and I will Succeed now.....Bow down before me world as My voice means something.....I am destined to be something to the end I want, I feel, and I dream.....and alas It was all a dream! Or was it?

Friday, August 21, 2009


So softly I tap the keys on my imaginary keyboard....Off to a fantasy world filled with Applause at the triumphs of a king...... My court is filled and the bell has rung.....It's final chord so softly my bell tolls for a crowd unaware of the fanfare and tribute it has for it's guest of honor.....You...The final swan song ...Thus is life........What I want is what I need and inspiration is the key...And yes you have inspired me to be who I am at any cost, And the price is high. I aboard my magical fantasy piano do stroke, as my fingers never knew...Never knew they could....Yes the soft depressing song they hummmmmmm...Yes they do.... In total sync....tonight it's Insync in it's brutal form. The life I love is the life forlorn. I crave the bread that doesn't give me nourishment. Why? I ask I plead....and still I have no reprieve...The cuts they grind as if my very mind.... It goes mad even sad.....But Still the thought the whispering in my mind tells me that yes You make it all go away............You make it all go away.................

I just want something I can never have.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I can recall when I first heard this fantastic group, It had to be circa 1988. I was living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. My best friend David Shaw and I were in the US Navy. He was dating an Iranian woman that lived in Washington DC. Falls Church Virginia to be exact. We had just purchased a 1964 Buick Skylark for 400 dollars. We thought that this old piece of American muscle was just hip enough for two young metro's. At that time there wasn't even a term Metro, but we were the epitome of it. We loved fashion, and clothing, and hip house music. We bought and read "Interview" magazine , created by Andy Wahol, just to see if our long sideburns were still "IN". We dreamed of New York City as though it were the center of the cosmos, lost in a never-ending sea of hipness. So off to DC, we went one fine weekend. Two carefree friends going to visit Dave's girlfriend. For privacy reasons I will only refer to her by her first name, which is Shadi. She had arranged a blind date for me, her best friend Nadia. Nadia was breathtakingly beautiful and very, very Tall! I am not tall .....5 foot five pushing 5 foot 6 at best.
We hit it off immediately. We went to a club that night in DC called the 5th Column. It was a really great club full of the world for sure. What I mean by that, is what I always loved about DC. It was full of people from everywhere else but the US. I love the US, but I love the world more!
I remember I heard the song "Bomboleo" by a group called the Gypsy Kings, and to the amazement of all that we were with........ I didn't know nor had I ever heard of them. They were all amazed, and almost appalled that with my Spanish heritage that I knew not . I didn't speak Spanish, and to this day do not. But!.....that doesn't mean I don't love this type of music because I do. I have a secret love affair with it. So melodic and utterly beautiful. The first song on my blog tonight is titled "Un Amor" or "A Love". Quite fitting as I adore love as you all know.

It's funny that it took a community of Iranian Immigrants to show me the unbelievable beauty of my own heritage. I was young, and fresh, and full of zeal. I still am strangely, that same young man today I was then. Only in an older package. My Spanish roots undoubtedly bore my passion. Passion I have, and passion I will die with. This music takes me back to a time that was cavalier in every way, dreamy roads to nowhere.Traveling in an old car that was spray painted on the inside, arm hanging out an open window, wind in my hair! Free! Roaming, and In Love! Not with a woman, but with the world itself. Wild eyed, no cynicism, pure and free

Time ticks by and a lifetime passes and where did it take me? That answer is yet to be told to me. Still, I love this world beyond all... but family. So beautiful is this music that in a small way.....It forged the inner being that I am.

Although the Gypsy Kings are French Nationals their roots are from Spain. I had the pleasure of walking on Spanish soil, and what a glorious country it is. I am thankful to have been able to see a-lot of the world as a young man. I hope to see her again as she has never let me down.

P.S If anyone can translate "Un Amor" for me It would be an un-payable favor!

Sweet Dreams bloggers!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

In the Shadows

It's always interesting logging on to blogger and milling through miles and miles of topics. I have my favorite blogs of course, and I hope that my quirky view on life doesn't offend or scare anyone away! I mention this only because I seem to get quite a few hits daily and sometimes wonder who those people in shadows might be? Are they drive by readers? Are they Felons? Are they people at all! It's really pretty fun to wonder about "The Shadow People". I sometimes do drive by's on other blogs as well.
I took this photo about a month or so ago. I am finding that I am into photography more than painting right now. "The Shadow People" are not unlike my photo. They are there as is the photo.....But you can't really see them can you? Now i know you all are probably wondering why that is important anyway? Well really it isn't. But if you happen to be a "Shadow Person" stop and say hello!