Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sand Castles

Bright with glistening flecks of crystalline glass. A menagerie of color.
once sullen now blistering hot to the touch.

Lost are the days that seemed to drag on forever with painful memories of time gone by.
The days are now never long enough. I fight sleep to keep the time I have.

In search of a muse was my driving force, a muse to retract the fears made whole by the dark.

A fresh beacon of hope and joy like a mighty lighthouse my muse came forth.
Now every breath I take is in full step with my hearts ever desire.

Kind, and gentle is the wind she rides on.

Amazing rooms await in a Sand Castle of my own construction.
A Majestic Sand Castle made of Dreams! Ride the wind and dream with me this day for soon I pray you and I will build a Sand Castle come what may.