Sunday, June 26, 2011


Funny how fate works. one day your on facebook and a tiny lil game draws you into a yearlong odyssey of pleasure and pain. In the true sense of the word Serendipity was at work all along. By definition Serendipity means: (n) The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. As one of my favorite movies challenges, is life a mere set of fortunate accidents after all? To look at the twists and turns of where I am today versus this same time last year one thing holds true. As cruel as Fate and destiny can be we have a wonderful safeguard to it all.....Serendipity.

I am pleased with you in every way. You are blood that feeds my heart. You are simply the air I breath. Quiet is your way, and solid is your foundation whether you see it or not. Intelligence your sword, and beauty is your destiny. How many turns you took to find me is anyone's guess. At every one of them the outcome would be different. Yet....Here you are, my most precious act of Serendipity.

I often gaze at the night sky wondering where the stars are in your eyes. I imagine you see them the same as I, yet different. Your eyes so big, and bright seeing the same stars at night, yet different. Yes I say it truly is a myriad of fortunate accidents that have led you to me. So you tell me? Is there really such a thing as fate? Or...Is life really an unset whirlwind of beautiful Serendipity. Life is very much like the photo I took that appears in this post. An unknown curve in the road. We cannot see it's beginning nor it's end. You have rekindled the eyes I once knew and lost to a digital world of meaningless fodder. You truly found the real me in a mixture of concocted masks. I hope I make you as happy as you make me my precious angel. This is for you and only you, you know who you are!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

If only

If only i could see the things that I don't see, If only I could grab the things that elude me.
I could walk a thousand miles , and never take a breath. Time so slowly crawling underneath my solemn fears. You release the frantic majesty within making days go ever so clear.
Falling and tumbling rolling in and out of wind-shed torrents of color.
Blistering to the touch my empty soul awakens to see a new dawn of amazement.
Deep and dark the search has been finding one and then another. Falling from grace on each attempt until the search seems futile Oh so futile.
A shimmering mind before me so new and so raw, so innocent and yet complex with darkness.
Tugging, pulling in all directions at once my soul yearns to know you. A picture in my minds eye.
Standing in the rain I feel each drop as they cascade and wash away a weary exterior.
Each drop cleansing a dirty self conscious.
I await that day of realization....The realization of you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sublime Libation

Magical as a sultry libation. Tingly to the palate. Demure in presence, and yet as strong as a a bar of steel. Pristine in every way, delicate and torrid in one. Stunning in ways that most only dare to dream. Dreams take shape in forms unknown. Vivid sheets of crimson I see. A universe unto itself the simple thought of you creates heat. Heat from within slowly brewing its magical Libation....Steamy and wet it glides into spaces forbidden. Filling voids. Magically my libation comforts me. Until the time comes....tingling sensations abound! Leap! Jump! Tumble!......lifting a chalice! et al deforum in tact we deflect whats near. In your image I lose my fear. Red flecks of color hold crimson dear.